Poem: Your Craving

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Your Craving

Trying to satisfy your hunger
With all the different women
But inside of you still thunder
That's coming to its limit

You're lost, confused, frustrated
There's something wrong
You're feeling agitated
And your hunger's never gone

No matter how many kisses
You give to all your dates
Don't count the embraces
They were not your mates

Temptation, lust are there
It does, off course, turn on
But still you couldn't bear
This plain, tasteless outcome

There was just  no connection
Never there was shared a bone
All their fake type of affection
Makes you feel: It's all wrong

You want to feel the real thing
Real passion and real love
You want to feel the person
And how in the end you'll absolve.

And then it hits you hard...
Your craving falls to its knees:
It still has me in your heart
And demands me back cuz you miss

My every kiss, my every touch
My lovely face, my voice and such
You miss me terribly, so much
Because we are a perfect match.

By Bodkhisattva

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Comments (1)

  1. Glitched

    Irreplacable . This is a good poem about Rebounds!

    March 09, 2013
  2. projekhan

    This blog has really touched my heart from deep inside and I want to appreciate typeressay.org for writhing it. This was the most wonderful piece of poem to read and to express you feeling to someone you love.

    June 24, 2016