Poem: Torn Apart

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Torn apart

A breaking heart
Shattering feelings
Scattered emotions
What's with these meanings
Where're the motions
 Deaf and helpless
Don't ask for less...
Blinded by love
Stupidest mind
Don't see from above
Cuz love makes you blind
Shut your heart
And shut you soul
Lock your love
Forget the hole
Suck it up
And then just smile
Be the best
Cuz that's your style 
by Bodkhisattva
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Comments (1)

  1. ardle1934

    Living a happy life is often difficult task to accomplish by people due to difficulties of life. Happiness as a poem has been taught on cv writing for the entertainment and light mood of the human beings. Torn Poem is good and fantastic for the happiness of the children as well.

    December 01, 2016