Poem: Hold Your Gutar (Dedicated to Grayson)

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Hold your guitar
Never let go your hand
The music from your heart
It'll always be your friend

Keep playing this melody
So pure and sweet
Your best way of remedy
The sound so neat

I can see the notes
Dancing and flying around
Just play the chords
The best type of sound

By Bodkhisattva


So... I was out, relaxing after a long and awesome day... Drinking, thinking, enjoying the night... And then I saw a boy practicing his playing scills... And I've heard it... The music so real and sweet... The melody went throught me heart and my soul... Blew me away to another world...The electrycity of the notes conquered my thoughts and I couldn't think no more... My Muse woke up! Picked up the sound and inspired me to write. This poem is dedicated to that sweet boy.


It was random. I wrote the poem to him as soon as I heard him play. I finished it. Went to him. Itrodused myself. Asked for his number. Sent him a poem. Wished him a good luck with his music and... That's it. *smiles* It was random, indeed. But things like that are fun! Enjoy your life to the fullest and be happy! Always!

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