Poem: Addicted to Me

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Addicted to Me

How come
you're addicted to me?
You know,
I can't set you free
It was your choice
from the start
And now
you don't want us to part.

You are the one
who reached out to see
I gave you my hand,
but you grabbed all of me
Without permission
you made me all yours
Then you used on me
the pull of your force

You don't want
to let me go
You are being selfish,
don't you think so
But if you want me
to be really true
I have to be
the only one for you.

By Bodkhisattva


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Comments (1)

  1. Somnium

    best addiction!

    March 07, 2013
    1. bodkhisattva

      Yes, indeed... *smiles*

      March 07, 2013
  2. dilfaraz

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    April 19, 2016